DAVIDE s.r.l.
In 1969 Davide Giustini, a professional who had until then worked for some of the most prestigious gold factories in Arezzo, decided to master his own destiny by opening a handicraft workshop.
His passion and professional skills led him to acquire over the years a dynamic and flexible identity and his company’s ability to combine experience and innovation allowed it to gain a privileged position in Arezzo gold industry.
In 2002 the brand Davide was created, thus continuing a 40 year tradition by adding a young trait, ready to be inspired by all new trends in national and international markets in order to attain a quality product with a classical yet innovative taste.
Jewels are produced in 8,9,10, 14,18 and 21 carat gold by using mainly microfusion or stamping processes and with the insertion of mother-of-pearl, onyx, coral and precious stones.
Since 2002 the company is directed by the founder’s sons Stefano and Paolo, respectively managing the commercial department and the model creation and mechanical division, and by Massimo Casini, manager of the production area, where only highly trained and skilled staff is employed.
The wide variety of items and the great accuracy of their finishing have gained to the brand Davide a place of its own in the national and international gold industry.

We are present at :
VICENZAORO (Winter, Spring, Autumn)